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What is ImgIdea?
  • Creative space for building an app or website for business, projects or education
  • Platform for users to make and update their app or website
  • Open source and web and app platform project ideas
Why ImgIdea?
  • We will work with you to make your app or website dream a reality
  • Website or app completely customized for your unique tastes and needs
  • Graphic Design Services including layout, graphics and logo
  • Theme-able website builder with flexible category types
  • Design, manage or update website services for you
  • Website Framework we use to create multiple websites
  • Businesses and individuals can create and update websites in a snap
  • We can create a custom design at a reasonable price
  • You own the website or network and have complete control of it
  • Web Designers can have customers update the website content
  • Use your own domain name or we can help you get one
  • No technical skills required and no software to install or update
  • Build a dynamic Social Network from your own website
  • Ask about customization for your needs

Website Builder Features:

  • Simple to setup, update and manage
  • Customer support and setup help
  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Keep customers organized with our CRM
  • Eliminate Spam with built in captcha
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Automatically store customers and sales leads
  • Categories and Sub Categories with flexible types
  • Allow user comments on each page and images
  • Photo Gallery application
  • Not template based, every site is unique
  • Total CSS/Style file control
  • Total control of website content
  • Total control of layout and graphics
  • HTML builder and HTML help
  • File and Layout Management
  • Javascript and AJAX form validation
  • Database and sort your Content Information
  • Image uploads to website pages and items
  • Automatic rollovers and website links
  • Automatic form creation
  • Free website hosting for referrals
  • Customer support and setup counseling
  • Content and website advice
  • Easy way to learn HTML or CSS
  • Pre built CSS file to edit
  • Completely customized for your needs

Website Builder is a flexible website creation tool. You can login and add content information and design your website over the web

This is an ideal tool for graphic designers or anyone familiar with computer arts. Your customers can update their website at their convenience so you can be more efficient and productive and work at what you do best.

Graphic Designers will feel right at home putting images up for your website and you don't have to hassle them about minor updates.

We take pride in customer satisfaction and will ensure that your solution meets your needs and goals or your money back. All our projects come with 30 day money back guarantee and customer support. We provide a service committed on delivering quality web based products, logos, web sites, graphic design and hosting solutions to our customers.

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